What Does Quadrifoglio Mean For Alfa Romeo?

Legendary Badge, Quadrifoglio

The Legendary Emblem of Alfa Romeo

On 1920's Alfa Romeo was well know in Motorsports. At the time, the factory had a racing team and Ugo Sivocci was one of the fast pilots in the team. The racing pilots were Antonio Ascari, Giuseppe Campari, Ugo Sivocci and the famous Enzo Ferrari.

However Sivocci was coming second or third on most of the races and he never won a race until then.

Ugo Sivocci posing next to his Alfa Romeo RL, Targa Florio 1923

Targa Florio Race, 1923

April 15th 1923, Ugo Sivocci raced the "Targa Florio" race with his Alfa Romeo RL car.

He wanted to win Targa Florio and he decided to put a luck symbol on his car which was a green 4-leaf clover on a white diamond background.

Sivocci crossed the finish line first on Targa Florio 1923 and occasionally he credited his badge for the victory like everybody else.

And with this victory, Quadrifoglio badge was born.

However some months later, Sivocci died in a tragic car accident. He was test driving and the car didn't have his lucky sign "Quadrifoglio".

After the death of Sivocci, his good-luck charm became the symbol of Alfa Romeo, a tradition that has lived since decades.

Photo : https://www.alfaholics.com/our-cars/completed-builds/1966-autodelta-1600-gta-restoration/restoration-completed/

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